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The Myths and Realities of Mustard Oil

mustard oil price in pakistan

Difference between black and brown Mustard seeds oil: Pure Mustard Oil from Brown Mustard Seeds It is known as pure mustard oil when extracting oil for cooking, specifically from brown mustard seeds. This oil’s distinctive flavor and aroma add a delightful zest to various culinary creations.  Hyola Canola Seed Oil from Black Mustard Seeds: On […]

The Journey of Cold-Pressed Virgin Canola Oil: From Seed to Bottle

Process of extraction of seeds: Refined oil: Refined oil is not suitable for health. It is extracted at very high temperatures, causing all the essential nutrients to disappear. Many chemicals and preservatives are added to the refined oil to increase its shelf life. Refined oil is nothing but liquid plastic, which is dangerous for your […]

Mustard Seeds: A Tiny Superfood for Your Health

mustard oil price in pakistan

Introduction: Mustard is a plant that belongs to the Brassicaceae family that includes broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. It mainly grows for its seeds, which are small and round. Ever wondered why Mustard seems to be all about pickles and hair care in Pakistan, yet across the borders in India and Bangladesh, it’s the star of […]