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Pure & Premium

Canola Oil

Canola Oil

at Best Price in Pakistan

Organic & Woman Owned!

Pure, Organic Delights

Home Made

Our Canola Oil is home-pressed to preserve the authentic flavors and essential nutrients, making every meal healthier and more delicious.

100% Organic

Enjoy the full, organic goodness of our oils. Extracted to retain all natural qualities, our oils complement a well-balanced diet.

Our Seeds are Tested

Every seed is rigorously tested to ensure the finest oil, rich in flavor and nutrients, making its way from our fields to your table.

No Chemials Used

Our Oils are free from chemicals, offering you the purest taste of nature in every drop.

Premium Canola Oil in Pakistan

Experience Nutri Oleum’s Premium Canola Oil, crafted in Pakistan from the purest non-GMO seeds. Our cold-pressed technique ensures a heart-healthy, nutrient-rich oil, perfect for culinary creations.
Canola Seeds

Hyola Canola Seed

Pure Mustard Oil in Pakistan

Savor the richness of Nutri Oleum’s Premium Mustard Oil, a staple in Pakistani kitchens. Extracted from top-quality seeds, our oil is a beacon of natural flavor and health.
Nutri Oleum is synonymous with pure, high-quality oils. Our dedication to health and flavor is woven into every product, celebrating the essence of a well-balanced lifestyle.

Honest Reply from Customers

S. Jehan M
Customer, Nutri Oleum
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The Food I cooked in Canola Oil had a Pleasant Aroma. The Food taste was really good. Furthermore, the color of Oil was also crystal clear and not dark. Barak"Allahu Feek
Customer, Nutri Oleum
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Assalam O Alaikum, I have received my order yesterday and I have cooked the meal in Canola Oil. Really it's amazing for taste and color and is so nice, mashaAllah
Customer, Nutri Oleum
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I tried your both of your products Mustard and Canola and there was no unwanted taste nor smell. It is perfect for Cooking.

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